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So what can we do?


The 18th Century philosopher Edmund Burke once said, "For the triumph of evil it is necessary only that good people do nothing".

Parallel Community reaches out to the do-ers in this world.

The future will be guided by determined groups of people getting together and using their innate talents in local groups and communities of shared interest, linked together.

Parallel Community connects people so that we know what each of us is doing and so that we can cooperate, each to our need and according to our abilities.

What do we do?

The core team keeps the community together and functioning. We run this website and we network offline too, stimulating and supporting circles within circles, sending out newsletters and acting as an axle to a wheel.

Members, you, are the folks that make it move. You can do it in your own life, or form connections and groups to do it with larger numbers of people. New circles will be born and grow as new people come in, bringing new interests or influences from different areas and parts of the world.

We're not telling you what to do but we do ask you to let us know what you're up to so that we can let others see what you're doing via this website or through our newsletters. We seek to support you in doing what you're best doing, developing it, spreading it, and getting others to do it with you or help you out.

What can you do?

The main thing is, do what you feel called to do, what you came here to do. We all have a mission hard-wired into us. Now, more than ever, it is important to get on with it.

To succeed, it helps to get together with others following parallel paths, to cooperate, share knowledge and skills and be friends. This way, everything that needs to be done will be covered.

If you like Parallel Community, you can become a member. It's then up to you to make known what you're doing, what you can offer and, when there's a need, what you seek.

Find other members in your area, country or arena of work and interest. With them, take initiatives to help move things forward, linked up with Parallel Community, which offers a wider context in which to work.

All this can be done via our Facebook page, or by e-mail, phone, post or personal contact.

It's a matter of spreading the word, serving humanity, being creative, getting on with it and helping this world get back on track.

Here's another video about Parallel Community, made in 2008

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