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Photos of Treviscoe


Treviscoe is the home of Ba Miller and the late Hamish Miller. Over the decades they transformed it from a near-wasteland with a house on it into a magic place replete with trees and flowers. It also has carefully-placed rocks, a new, unique stone circle with a 'seed of life' inside it, a medicine wheel, oak circle and other earth-energy features.

All of these, together, make for a lovely 11 acre wonderland, and here are pictures of it. Parallel Community was concieved and founded here. It's not a residential community - it's Ba's private home. Parallel Community is networked and decentralised with no HQ. Core group meetings are held here for those living in Cornwall, and Skype does the rest.

Treviscoe, the house
Ba Miller at work in her garden

What's interesting here is that Treviscoe demonstrates
both wild gardening and spiritually-oriented gardening
of a kind you don't often see.

Ba Miller on an inspection tour - there's a lot to be done in this garden!
Inside the stone circle is a geometric pattern called the Seed of Life
Introducing the stone circle, built by Hamish
Wheelbarrow posing for the camera
That funny thing over there is a framework for a sweat lodge

...Gardening not just to please human sensibilities
but also to give a home to spirits, devas and
reflect the genius loci or spirit of place

Eight times a year there is a ceremonial gathering at the stone circle, to mark the turningpoints of the year
A sprinkling of snow highlights the Seed of Life

The stone circle, built by Hamish
is just over a decade old
yet it looks as if it's been there
a very long time

The stones for the stone circle come from the Mendips in Somerset - it just happened that way
Most stone circles in Britain come from around 2000 BC but this comes from around 2000 AD!
The centre of the Seed of Life
Hamish was a blacksmith - this is his rendering of the air element, as part of the stone circle
One of the pathways through the garden
There's a series of sinuous pathways around the garden, and this is one of the features on the way
Virtually all of the trees in the garden were planted by Hamish and Ba
An arbour - brilliant for meditation (well, in warmer times!)
The garden has lots of small features, some contributed by friends and guests
Ferns unfolding in spring
Aarum Lilies
Many of the conifers came from Scotland, Hamish's homeland

Lots of beings are here!

Nectar addict hits the foxgloves
Spring on its way
Treviscoe Trumpet Symphony
Spring is here
Logfires in the making
Hamish forged metal sculptures, and this is one of them
In May Treviscoe provides a feast of bluebells

In May the ground shimmers
irridescent with bluebells

A rare albino bluebell
The Medicine Wheel

This is the Medicine Wheel

View from the Medicine Wheel to the stone circle
The Medicine Wheel
There are lots of bunnies at Treviscoe!
Lots of little woodland birds too

Then there is a cast of animal characters...

This particular robin was a real character
Bluebells everywhere in May!
A funny man in the woods
The Master's spanners
Inside the forge
Part of the Master Blacksmith's junk stash!

So this is the home-base
of the Parallel Community.

It's mainly Ba's private home.
She runs the garden.

The vegetable garden

All photos on this page are by Palden Jenkins

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