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Photos from Parallel Community events


Here's a collection of pictures from Parallel Community events in Cornwall.

At the stone circle at Treviscoe
PC meeting on the beach at Marazion, after a talk given by Barry Brailsford
Hamish, troublemaker in chief, now at it in the happy hunting grounds in the sky
It's hug time
Parallel Community does strange things to people
A get-together at Carn Boel
Ba and Lynn promoting Parallel Community at the Fair for the Future

Many of the pics below are from PC Open Days
at Treviscoe in Cornwall, May 2010-11.

Ba serving up in her kitchen!
Frances serving tea to the millions
Listening intently
Open Day, May 2010
The late great Bahli Mans-Morris
Julia Bradley
Peter Please
Barry Brailsford from New Zealand
Barry Brailsford giving a talk about the Waitaha in Aotearoa
Ann Brocklehurst, one of the founder members of PC
Nigel Twinn, author of Hamish's biography
Kirsten Bolvig
Miriam Naccache
Gail Elaine
Tea is served
Parallel Community core group
Parallel Community core group, relaxing together, 2009
Nigel Twinn giving a talk
Adam and Lindsay Price

Here are pics of the PC core group
and a few key helpers in recent years
(see the Who We Are page for details)

Nathascha and Mario
Annie Turner with Adam Price
Bernadette Phillips
Ba Miller with Nathascha Heijen on Marazion beach
Annie Turner
Frances Watts (the PC newsletter editor)
Lindsay Price
Ba Miller
John and Frances Watts
John Watts, PC treasurer
Julia Bradley, founder member of PC
Explanations needed!
Palden Jenkins running an auction
Sorting things out
Mario Peters
Nathascha Heijen
Frances and Adam
Bernadette and Annie
Annie Turner
Lindsay Price
Dave Applebee making dowsing rods in Hamish's forge
Ba and Lynn at the Fair for the Future - Parallel Promotion
Dave Applebee
Adam Price
Ba, pensive
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