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Parallel Community's mission

About us

Our mission is to create a parallel community of like-minded people around the world - a network that spreads wherever it is needed.

This network is dedicated to making things easier for people active in bringing new light, new ways of thinking and new initiatives into the world, to take practical, positive steps towards their goal.

We are creating a platform where people may help, teach, inform, learn from and assist each other, wherever you are, in doing your chosen work.

Together through mutual help and support, we will generate the energy to make significant changes.

There is no master plan. We don't have a set philosophy. But, following in the tracks of our founder, Hamish Miller, we do share an interest and focus in subtle earth energies and the healing of earth, water, climate and humanity's relationship with them.

We're just drawing together good souls everywhere, who share a love for humanity, the earth and all beings who live on her. The master-plan is what develops between us through our creative initiatives and collaborations.

We're not a centralised organisation and bureaucracy. There isn't an operating manual. It's a low-budget, 'work with what we've got' system.

We write e-mails, get on the phone, create an interactive website, tell supporters what's happening through a regular newsletter, hold occasional gatherings and act as friends - and that's how a network twangs and ripples.

All communities are made up of very different people, but something binds us - a set of commonalities, a choice to cooperate, a resonance with each other to work together in a peaceful way. Networks and communities are made up of individuals and the connections they build with each other.

We choose to act together to further our common causes and so achieve much greater things than we can do if we work alone. If you resonate with this, this is for you.

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