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Here are the most recent Parallel Community newsletters
Nowadays they come out bi-monthly.


This newsletter is composed of articles by members of Parallel Community. We want to know who you are, what you're doing, what you're thinking; your successes and failures; what makes you happy or gives you food for thought; what touches your life. Articles around 700 words are about right but shorter is fine.

Please don’t be shy: you are among friends. We’d love to see your photos or artwork - though please don't use artwork by others where there is a copyright issue. Deadlines: for each bi-monthly newsletter, the deadline is a few days before the end of the preceding month.

To download any of the files below, click on the relevant link. It will download to your computer or appear on a new page. If it doesn't work well and you use Windows, right-click, choose 'Save Target As...' and save the file to your computer.

If you don't have it, click here to download Adobe PDF Reader
You can print out any of these newsletters if you wish.

April 2016   PDF
December 2015   PDF

September 2015   PDF

June 2015   PDF

April 2015   PDF

January 2015   PDF

December 2014   PDF
October 2014   PDF
June 2014   PDF
April 2014   PDF
February 2014   PDF
December 2013   PDF
October 2013   PDF
August 2013   PDF
June 2013    PDF
April 2013    PDF
February 2013    PDF

Newsletters go back to October 2009 - if you want older newsletters, please e-mail us.

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