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Membership of Parallel Community

About us

To become a member of the Parallel Community, just do this:

  • Whatever you're doing that fires you up, serves others and helps you respect yourself, please do it even more!

  • Tell other people about the Parallel Community and please refer them to this site.

  • Donations or creative and strategic acts of support, big and small, are always welcome.

  • Join in any of our activities, in 'real life' or online, and join with other people in your area to do something positive together.

  • It's mostly up to you, and that's the same for everyone else. If there's anything anyone else can do to help move it along, or anything we can do to assist you, get in touch or go to the Meeting Place and put out a signal.

Start by joining our Facebook page, where you'll find more you can do to make yourself known to others and to join in on PC activities.

To subscribe to PC newsletters, please e-mail us. Alternatively, newsletters are posted here on the newsletters page whenever they come out, bi-monthly, in PDF format.  
(Your address is safe with us. It will be used neither for other purposes nor given to others, for any reason.)

We don't have a formal membership structure or a membership fee. It's all kept lightweight - we're all volunteers and don't have a formal paid staff. You make the structure through the relationships you form with us and with other members.

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