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Core beliefs of the Parallel Community


This is a summary of the Parallel Community's core beliefs:

  • All human beings have the right to live in peace and freedom in a sustainable way and to claim and negotiate that right for themselves.

  • We acknowledge our collective and individual responsibility to care for, respect and love our fellow humans. Acknowledging and respecting our differences, we wish to engage with each other actively and move beyond these differences to share that which unifies us.

  • We seek to let go of, rather than stand against things that no longer serve us. Through our actions we intend to create wholesome new options and possibilities for ourselves and the wider world.

  • Solving global issues begins in our local community and with friends by taking small and positive actions.

  • We encourage honest communication through constructive and non-judgmental discussion. There is no purpose in argument or discord, though differences of perspective add spice to life.

  • We bring a message of hope and encourage people to renew their sense of wonder at the marvels of nature and being alive.

  • We seek to use the massive energy available in human hearts and minds to make a difference to our future.

  • If we each follow our life-purpose and whatever truly inspires us, this will contribute to all of the world's major issues becoming resolved.

  • We're moving into a new level of civilisation and culture worldwide, where cooperation between humans with each other, with nature and with the wider cosmos will flourish.

  • We respect the real value of the currencies of life: the breath of life - air, wind, atmosphere; the water of life - clouds, waterways, underground water, rivers, oceans; the givers of life - animals, fish, birds, microbes; the sustainers of life - agriculture and silviculture, food crops, pastures and the fruits of the plant world; the foundation of life - the land, Mother Earth.

  • Our mission is to set in motion a parallel community of like-minded people around the world - a network that spreads wherever it is needed. This is dedicated to making things easier for people active in bringing new light, new ways of thinking and new initiatives into the world, taking practical, positive steps towards their goal.

  • Together, through mutual help and support, we'll generate the energy to make significant changes, respecting the wisdom of both youth and eldership, and acknowledging our role in safeguarding the lives of future generations.

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